Automated Ad Creative Generation

Vishakha Kadam, Yiping Jin, Bao-Dai Nguyen-Hoang

Demo/Poster Session 2 - Wednesday 07/20 15:00 EST
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Automated Ad Creative Generation
Abstract: Ad creatives are ads served to users on a webpage, app, or other digital environments. The demand for compelling ad creatives surges drastically with the ever-increasing popularity of digital marketing. The two most essential elements of (display) ad creatives are the advertising message, such as headlines and description texts, and the visual component, such as images and videos. Traditionally, ad creatives are composed by professional copywriters and creative designers. The process requires significant human effort, limiting the scalability and efficiency of digital ad campaigns. This work introduces AUTOCREATIVE, a novel system to automatically generate ad creatives relying on natural language generation and computer vision techniques. The system generates multiple ad copies (ad headlines/description texts) using a sequence-to-sequence model and selects images most suitable to the generated ad copies based on heuristic-based visual appeal metrics and a text-image retrieval pipeline.