The Second Automatic Minuting (Automin) Challenge: Generating And Evaluating Minutes From Multi-Party Meetings

Tirthankar Ghosal, Marie Hledíková, Muskaan Singh, Anna Nedoluzhko, Ondrej Bojar

GenChal - Thursday 07/21 11:30 EST
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Abstract: We would host the AutoMin generation challenge at INLG 2023 as a follow-up of the first AutoMin shared task at Interspeech 2021. Our shared task primarily concerns the automated generation of meeting minutes from multi-party meeting transcripts. In our first venture, we observed the difficulty of the task and highlighted a number of open problems for the community to discuss, attempt, and solve. Hence, we invite the Natural Language Generation (NLG) community to take part in the second iteration of AutoMin. Like the first, the second AutoMin will feature both English and Czech meetings and the core task of summarizing the manuallyrevised transcripts into bulleted minutes. A new challenge we are introducing this year is to devise efficient metrics for evaluating the quality of minutes. We will also host an optional track to generate minutes for European parliamentary sessions. We carefully curated the datasets for the above tasks. Our ELITR Minuting Corpus has been recently accepted to LREC 2022 and publicly released.1 We are already preparing a new test set for evaluating the new shared tasks. We hope to carry forward the learning from the first AutoMin and instigate more community attention and interest in this timely yet challenging problem. INLG, the premier forum for the NLG community, would be an appropriate venue to discuss the challenges and future of Automatic Minuting. The main objective of the AutoMin GenChal at INLG 2023 would be to come up with efficient methods to automatically generate meeting minutes and design evaluation metrics to measure the quality of the minutes.